The Effect Medication Can Have on a Social Security Disability Claim

A good percentage of individuals who have Social Security Disability claims must take medication to lessen a host of symptoms and conditions. Sometimes these conditions can only be controlled with very strong medication that can have numerous side effects and cause functional limitations.

For individuals needing Social Security Disability Insurance or Social Security Income, a competent attorney is recommended so that the paperwork and medical history effectively shows that the original condition and the necessary medication have an impact on their residual functional capacity.

A knowledgeable Social Security disability attorney will ensure that all your medical conditions, including the side effects of the necessary treatment and medication are fully and accurately presented. Many times, these side effects have a greater impact than the underlying condition on a person’s ability to work. That is why it is proper documentation of these side effects is so important. Applying for SSDI or SSI is far more than just showing your medical records. Individuals are wise to get legal counsel as soon as they are prevented from working as the application process can be quite lengthy. Most Social Security disability attorneys only collect a fee if they help their client recover benefits, so an individual can confidently seek their guidance early on.

Some individuals are hesitant to share what medications and effects they are experiencing, but honesty and the frequency of such side effects is critical for the Social Security Administration to know. The most common medications and conditions that cause mental and physical effects include:

• Lithium, an anti-psychotic medication used to treat severe mental disorders
• Interferon, used to treat hepatitis
• Prednisone, a steroid that helps ailments such as asthma
• Depacote, used to treat seizures, ADHD, and bipolar disorder
• Respridol or Xanax to treat panic attacks and anxiety disorders
• Soma, Percocet, Morphine, or other pain medications to treat back, limb, and chronic pain
• HIV drugs
• Chemotherapy drugs for recurrent cancer

It is extremely helpful if individuals keep a journal of how medications affect their ability to work, sleep, take care of the family, do household chores and deal with daily situations.

An individual’s inability to concentrate, sit for long periods, remember things, or use their hands should be documented. A journal combined with ample medical records and attempts at trying to correct the condition will go a long way should the Social Security Administration send you for a consultative exam. All these documents will be very helpful to the exam doctor.

In Tampa, Social Security Disability attorney Robert Alston has more than a decade of experience counseling clients on their eligibility along with successful representation before the Social Security Administration resulting in the award of disability benefits. Even though SSDI and SSI are different programs, he will analyze what is the best course of action given your situation and finances.

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