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One Vote At A Time For Immigration Reform May Mean It Never Passes Says Miami Immigration Lawyer

Jul 27, 2011

Miami, FL (Law Firm Newswire) July 26, 2011 – Seems more speeches and hints about immigration reform are beginning to pepper the president’s agenda. Does it mean anything?

“More speeches on immigration reform are starting to find their way into the president’s busy itinerary. It’s still a hot button issue, and people still want to hear about it; want to know what, if anything, is going to be done about it. Or will it continue to hang around for ages, like the scent of skunk. The White House is even tweeting speaking engagements where comprehensive immigration reform will be the main focus of his comments,” said Larry S. Rifkin, managing partner at Rikfin & Fox-Isicoff, an immigration law firm with law offices in Miami, Florida and Orlando, Florida.

Speeches are always good, but do the words and intentions referred to in them amount to a hill of beans? Americans want to know more about border security given the unprecedented increase in crime in Mexico, largely related to drug and turf wars. It is obviously out of control and people do not want that kind of violence spilling over in their backyards. Hence, the intense interest lately in immigration reform from the point of view of weeding out the rowdy and dangerous criminal elements.

“One of the more recent speeches the president gave indicated he had every intention of working towards a bipartisan consensus on this issue. Intentions are nice, but you need cooperation on the other side of Congress to get anywhere, and frankly, Congress is not always noted for its ability to put partisan issues aside for the good of the people,” Rifkin said.

The very specter of a united approach to dealing with immigration reform just about boggles the imagination, particularly if it is politicians trying to come to a workable consensus. On the other hand, if business had a say and the penny counters had a say, immigration would likely more forward at virtually lightening like speed. The financial benefits to the nation of immigrants who become citizens are well known, it just seems the higher ups are not paying too much attention to that angle.

“Changing minds and hearts one vote at a time on this issue is an admiral goal. However, I seriously question whether the true intention to really make a difference and change the way things are now is present. Stand back and read the latest material relating to immigration reform. Do some homework on the issue and get to the bottom issue, how immigration has the potential to affect the economy. You may decide it’s time someone does something, rather than just says something. Nations are built on actions, not words,” Rifkin said.

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