Strangulation Potential Prompts Stroller Recall

When you have small children, you want to know that their toys and various accessories are safe. With the higher than even number of product recalls in this area, that is getting hard to do.

The latest in kid’s accessories to be recalled is a single and double stroller made by B.O.B. The recall affects 337,000 rigs in the U.S. and roughly 20,000 in Canada. This is a massive recall, but given the reason for it, strangulation hazard, it makes sense that the whole run would be called back to the maker.

As it turns out, the drawstring on the stroller can get wrapped around a child’s neck. It is always better to be safe than sorry when your child’s life is at stake. What is troubling is that there were that many strollers on the market and no one knew this was a problem. It makes you wonder who tests these things.

There are 11 models in all being recalled of the B.O.B. single and double strollers. They are easy to spot, as they have an orange/yellow drawstring at the back of the canopy, designed to gather up the loose fabric when the canopy is pulled back. The recalled units all have serial numbers on the frame or a white label on the right leg of the rig. You can find the names of all of the recalled models on the company website.

While recalling these units was the right thing to do, there is always the distinct possibility that someone will not know or hear about the recall. If that is the case and parents of a child discover their baby or toddler strangled to death in the stroller, they would be entitled to file a product liability lawsuit/wrongful death lawsuit, whether or not there was a recalled issued.

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