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San Diego Children Accident Attorney Mark C. Blane Publishes Justice for the Injured Child

Apr 21, 2011

San Diego, CA (Law Firm Newswire) April 21, 2011The San Diego based child advocate and injury law offices of Mark C. Blane is proud to have finished over six months of research, preparation and writing to bring California parents of injured children and infants powerful legal information in easy to understand terms. Attorney Mark C. Blane researched over a 100 pressing California court cases, legal codes, statutes, and court rules to bring together a detailed book that can help navigate the legal process of a child’s California bodily injury case. He combined this information with his legal skills and experience as a California child injury attorney of more than 12 years. This book is designed for the every day consumer, parent or family member who needs legal help with a child injury insurance claim or legal case.

The book explores how to choose the right child injury lawyer, what the legal process entails for a child injury or accident, the California court protections involved, the different injuries involved including wrongful death actions, and how to avoid pitfalls


when it comes to helping an injured child’s legal case. Parents who have questions can now have a legally accurate and organized book that explores every possible issue that can arise when it comes to an infant or child injury claim or legal case – which is explained in easy to understand terms by an experienced California attorney.

San Diego California Accident Attorney Mark C. Blane began his legal career as a personal injury lawyer since finishing law school in San Diego back in 1998. In law school, he already knew he wanted to represent ordinary folk instead of corporate interests. He enjoys the fact that he gets to look his client’s in the eyes on a daily basis instead of representing a faceless corporation like an insurance company. He has been leveling the playing field ever since through his injury law practice by helping those who need it most: the injured consumers of California. Writing books is one of his passions and by doing so he can provide vital legal information to the public. He also speaks Spanish, German and Italian – since San Diego has a huge hispanic population, he has been helping Spanish speaking families obtain justice for their injuries as well. His future plans include releasing a Spanish version of “Justice for the Injured Child.” There are not too many Spanish speaking child injury attorneys in San Diego, and he is proud to help these families in their time of need.

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