Piece Of Plummeting Forklift Shatters On Ground And Injures Employee

Accidents on jobsites happen in the blink of an eye. This one was no exception and it caused serious injuries as a result.
A construction crew was at the University of Scranton and work was being done on many buildings, including a six-story one with the forklift on the sixth floor. It was a relatively normal day on the worksite, until something happened that shook up the whole onsite crew.

The site was busy and things were rolling along according to schedule, when for some reason, the forklift snapped and a huge chunk plummeted down to the avenue below, shattering on impact and propelling pieces into the air in various directions.
A worker on the street was hit by a projectile in the back of the leg and tossed into the bushes. Emergency response crews took the man to the nearest medical facility for treatment. It is not known what made the forklift snap, but the U.S. OSHA will be investigation to see if the equipment was defective or poorly maintained.

This nasty accident could have turned out to be a lot worse than it was. Fortunately for the injured worker, he happened to be far enough away to miss ground zero impact. Nonetheless, his injuries may well be serious enough to lose time from work and may have been as a result of defective machinery, negligent forklift operation or improperly maintained equipment.

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