Big Rig Disintegrates Upon Impact

You do not often see cases like this one. The big rig slammed into a median on the highway and the front end disintegrated.

This particular big rig crash was nothing short of completely spectacular. The semi could be seen travelling along the highway, suddenly veering into the median and plowing through it. Usually, in cases like this, the truck would jump the median or jackknife and roll over. This truck, however, completely disintegrated right on impact, with the pieces flying across the other two lanes of traffic.

As a result of this wreck, there was a 40-car pileup right behind the rig, or what remained of the rig. It was a nasty chain reaction that miraculously did not involve too many serious injuries. One woman, who climbed out of her car after she crashed, was struck and killed at the scene. Her family will likely want to file a wrongful death lawsuit with an Arkansas injury lawyer and get the case either settled fairly or taken to trial for justice.

What caused the 18-wheeler driver to lose control? This and a whole series of other questions will dog the investigation until the police are able to sort out what the trucker was doing just prior to losing the rig and it spinning out of control. There is certainly speculation that the trucker may have dozed off at the wheel, been driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, was texting, was reaching for something on the dashboard and took his eyes off the road or was speeding despite unsafe winter road conditions.

Any one of the drivers and passengers of the 40 vehicles involved in this horrendous crash may want to speak to an Arkansas injury lawyer about recovering the costs of their medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other items. While the injuries may have seemed to be minor on the surface, silent injuries, like whiplash or traumatic brain injury, may not show up until later.

If you have even been in an accident like this, do not wait to call an experienced Arkansas injury lawyer and discuss your case. You will find out your rights, what to expect when you go to court, what damages you may claim and find some closure in the process.

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