Pay Attention when Driving or Risk Seriously Injuring a Biker

Bikers often get a bad rap for being accident prone because they are riding a motorcycle. However, it is usually the other vehicle that caused the accident.

Often the best way to illustrate a principle of law or what needs to be done in the case of an accident is to outline a case that happened to someone else. In this particular instance, the courts awarded a biker and his wife a total of $2,251,940 for an accident that ended with the man’s left leg being amputated.

The biker was minding his own business and obeying the rules of the road when along came a woman in her car who could not see where she was going. For whatever reasons, she thought it would be safe to drive and re-wet her contact lenses at the same time. As a result of that, her vision was blurred. She was also reaching down to get a pair of sunglasses from the passenger’s side of the car. Not only couldn’t she see what she was doing while she was driving, she was driving while distracted by reaching for her glasses.

While trying to see and reach for her glasses, she hit something. That something was the biker, who was trying to get out of her way because she was driving erratically. He went to hospital and lost his leg. At trial with representation by a skilled injury lawyer, the jury handed down an award that included lost wages, loss of consortium with his wife, money for his permanent impairment to earn wages and funds for past, present and future mental, emotional and physical pain and suffering.

Not every personal injury case is the same, but this case serves to point out what types of damages may be awarded in injury accidents where there is permanent impairment, such as the loss of a body part. Most often, damages handed out by the courts are predicated on the seriousness of the injuries, their duration and how those injuries affect the person and their life. With life-altering injuries, a plaintiff’s life is never going to be the same as it was before their accident.

If you have been in a similar situation, speak to an experienced Arkansas injury lawyer to find out what your rights are, how to proceed to trial or settlement and what you might expect when you get there. Never be shy to ask questions, as that is what an Arkansas injury lawyer’s job is all about; helping people who have been hurt as the result of someone else’s negligence.

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