In the Blink of an Eye the World Exploded in Car Versus Pickup Truck Wreck

Traveling the highways in the winter is an adventure – one that may have a fatal outcome if one driver has been drinking.

This brutal accident came as a complete surprise to all of those involved. It happened in the blink of an eye and the consequences were utterly devastating. This case happened in early December, near Salt Lake City, Utah and it serves as a reminder to all of us that anything can and does happen when we least expect it. One minute things on the roadway were business as usual, and the next minute, three people were killed and many more injured as several cars wound up in a tangled heap on the highway.

It had been snowing lightly and the roads were not in the best condition. To top that off, the police report of the accident indicated that alcohol and drugs played a role in this fatal accident. The three dead were riding in a green GMC Jimmy. The fourth passenger was taken to hospital in critical condition.

The driver of the Jimmy lost control of the vehicle and it started to spin, sideswiping a car carrying a mom and two kids. Shortly after that, the Jimmy was T-boned by a pickup truck. One Jimmy passenger was completely ejected, one partially ejected and one trapped in the back seat. It was a gruesome accident scene.

Police found beer cans in the Jimmy and called for further testing for drugs. This four-car pileup involved 11 people, hurt because someone was drinking and driving and likely on drugs as well. It is a case that may resonate with anyone who has ever been involved in a DUI accident. It is an example of how easy it is to lose control of a deadly vehicle while under the influence and just what the consequences may be for doing something that stupid.

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