Accelerating Without Warning Results in Off Road Utility Vehicle Recall

In a story that sounds eerily familiar to the Toyota sudden acceleration fiasco, classic off-road Bad Boy buggies are being recalled.

An old saying says, “They don’t make things like they used to.” It is far truer than any of us may like to think, particularly when it comes to products we use every day; products that we depend on to be safe and not harm us. Unfortunately, more and more, our trust has been misplaced and people are getting hurt as a result.

While you may not be aware of what the law is in your state relating to defective or dangerous products, if you have an situation where you or someone in your family was seriously hurt or killed by using what turned out to be a defective product, call a skilled New Mexico personal injury lawyer and discuss your case and your rights.

If you have been injured in a buggy crash, then you should know that over 9,300 classic buggies, made by BB Buggies LLC, were recalled at the end of December 2010. If you did not know about the recall, you may still be entitled to recover compensation for your injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages if you were harmed by the model recalled.

These buggies seem to imitating the Toyota flaw of accelerating without any warning. The recall took aim at all Bad Boy Classic models, with the exception of the XT model of off-road utility vehicles made from 2003 until 2010. The recalled buggies came in hunter green, red, black and camouflage patterns. The thing that will really upset many consumers is that there was a similar recall in 2009 and the consumers who brought their vehicles in for repair at that time are now being told the repairs did not properly address the hazard.

In cases like this, since the buggies had been sold for such a long time, there are bound to be individuals who have never heard of the recall or may not own the buggy anymore because they sold it to someone else, who may also not know about the recall. It is far too dangerous a flaw to think the original quick fix was the answer; a fact that is quite clear with this second recall of the same buggies.

Consumers have every right to sue a negligent manufacturer for flaws like sudden acceleration that could ultimately severely maim or kill an unsuspecting user. Even though the Latin saying, “Caveat Emptor” is operative in many instances, if the product is sub-standard to begin with and there is no evidence of that, they may still file a personal injury lawsuit with a New Mexico personal injury lawyer.

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