Bone Fractures May Be the Least of Your Worries in a Motorcycle Wreck

While motorcycles are rollicking fun when handled properly, they do have a tendency to wind up in wrecks; fatal wrecks.

The long and short of it is that if you ride a motorcycle, you do face the chance of being in an accident. Since you have no protection other than what gear you may be wearing, being thrown great distances will increase the likelihood of multiple bone fractures. The human body is not made for high-speed contact with an immovable object like the pavement or another vehicle. Bone breaks are often the result of other types of motorcycle accidents as well, such as laying the bike down to avoid a collision or the bike falling over on the biker.

What types of bone fractures could you sustain? Typically, there are a number of different types of breaks that motorcyclists involved in accidents wind up with, ranging from simple cracks to displaced and non-displaced fractures. In the case of a simple crack, casting often works well, but that depends on where the fracture is located. For example, if you broke your jaw or chin, you’ll likely be drinking through straws for a long time.

There are other fractures that can actually cause impairment or cripple you for life. Those include displaced fractures and non-displaced fractures. With a displaced fracture, you get a bone that snaps into, at the very least, two parts, but it could be more. That is a discomfiting visual. This type of break is also referred to as a comminuted fracture, so if you hear that when you are in hospital getting worked on, you will know what you’re facing in terms of healing.

A non-displaced fracture is where you bone cracks either all the way through or only part of the way through. Not to confuse the issue, but non-displaced breaks may also come in different flavors; closed fracture and open fractures. Open fractures usually mean a bone has punctured the skin and the end is pushed out and visible. These are dangerous, because of the risk of bone infections.

None of the end results of a motorcycle wreck are pretty, but there is one thing you can count on, and that is if you take your case to an experienced New Mexico injury lawyer, you will get what you need to pay the bills and live your life as best you can with your injuries. Under no circumstances should you attempt to represent yourself in a motorcycle accident. You may lose out on compensation you deserve.

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