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Nursing Home Abuse In Chicago Is On the Rise According to Local Attorney

Dec 20, 2010

The older the population gets, the higher the number of seniors in nursing homes. Abuse is rampant in some homes.

Chicago, IL (Law Firm Newswire) December 20, 2010 – “Statistically speaking, the population in the U.S. is getting older and that means more elderly people in nursing homes. While we hope that our loved ones are being well cared for, the chances are they may be being abused. Even if you check the home out before you place your senior in their care, you may not know if there is abuse on the premises,” said Michael Osborne of The Law Office of Michael Osborne. Osborne, a Chicago injury lawyer, helps accident, wrongful death, and personal injury victims.

Michael Osborne is a Chicago Injury Lawyer Focusing on Personal Injury Law

Michael Osborne is a Chicago Injury Lawyer Focusing on Personal Injury Law

While it is hard to get one’s head around the fact that nursing home staff would be negligent towards elderly patients, it happens, it is happening right now and it will continue to happen in the foreseeable future. This is largely due to overcrowding, understaffing, under budgeting and sub-standard facilities taxed to the max to handle their patient load.

Abuse is insidious and comes in many forms, such as dehydration. It is a well known fact that seniors need enough liquids to stay properly hydrated. Without proper fluid intake, they are at risk to suffer from dizziness, headaches, wildly fluctuating body temperatures, a compromised immune system and depressed blood pressure readings. Dehydration in the elderly is dangerous. It’s just that simple.

“You may notice that your loved one’s eyes have sunken in, that they don’t look quite like they used to look and they aren’t acting quite the same either. Look also for signs of confusion. If you find these signposts of dehydration, take immediate action and mention this to the nursing home staff. Your next task is to monitor for any other signs that may indicate other forms of abuse in the nursing home,” Osborne said.

Other signs that something is not as it should be include bruises, bed sores, broken bones, numerous unexplained falls, frequent infections, signs of possible sexual abuse, a change in behavior, rocking in place and an unwillingness to talk about the staff for fear of reprisals.

“Unfortunately, sometimes family members need to be detectives to get to the bottom of what’s going on with their family member, as the home and the staff certainly aren’t going to volunteer what they aren’t doing,” Osborne said.

Many people think that if a nursing home is brand new and very pricey, that the care will be excellent. It may well be both those things, but that does not necessarily mean that the facility is free from abuse in the form of a negligent nurse, administrator, nursing aide or doctor. People are people and there will always be cases where those entrusted with the care of seniors will abuse their power, overstep their boundaries and cause harm to a senior.

“If you suspect for one moment that something is wrong in the nursing home where your family member is living, come straight to me to discuss your fears and concerns. The courts do not take elder abuse lightly and neither do I. Together, we will act on your situation and find justice,” Osborne said.

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