Divorcing Seniors Are A Sizable Segment of Divorcing Couples

There are a number of couples that wait until their children are well on their own before they finally divorce.

When we think of people who divorce, we think of couples with smaller children, or middle-aged couples, going through a mid-life crisis. Most programs and resources are geared for this segment of the population. However, there is a segment that goes less noticed. These are the couples that stayed together for the sake of the children.

Though some would think that this option would be the most viable solution to custody battles and saving their children from the emotional trauma of divorce, there are also some sobering truths these couples have to face once they finally decide to go their separate ways later in their lives. Though they may have lived separately emotionally and maybe even physically for all those years, one thing that is hard to sever is the years steeped with deep connections, their past together spanning many years. They are forced to face that because of their age, it is so hard to financially recover from divorce.

One hardship is coming up with coping skills that would work for them, that probably would have been easier to garner when they were in their youth. They will have to separate who they are from their marriage. Usually, these couples did not come up with a financial plan to reflect this long-term goal. Divorcing seniors are probably well into their retirement years, have a pension and maybe even a house paid for. But more often, they did not have a financial plan and they are forced to watch every purchase and cut back when they can in order to get by, or even in some cases, place a burden or a strain on their children for a place to stay or for financial support.

The couple that waits later in life to get a divorce has many facets that are truly unique to their situation that does not fit in some prescribed notion or category. What they have to do is assess all their assets quickly to accommodate their new lifestyle.

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