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Commercial Trucking Insurance Companies Often Reduce Claims According to Chicago Injury Attorney Michael Osborne

Dec 8, 2010

Commercial trucking accidents are usually about one thing, Injured victims not getting rightful compensation from insurance companies that try to reduce the claim.

Chicago, IL (Law Firm Newswire) December 8, 2010 – “An insurance policy on a big commercial truck is extremely valuable and much costlier that a policy you would have on your car. That means a higher level of liability for the trucker and trucking company and a whole lot of cash on the line for the insurers. The bottom line here is that when large amounts of money are involved in a big rig lawsuit, the insurance company will turn itself inside out to defend the money. In other words, they are not your friends,” said Michael Osborne, a Chicago injury lawyer. The Law Office of Michael Osborne helps accident, wrongful death, and personal injury victims in Chicago, Illinois.

Michael Osborne is a Chicago Injury Lawyer Focusing on Personal Injury Law

Michael Osborne is a Chicago Injury Lawyer Focusing on Personal Injury Law

For anyone that has been involved in a commercial rig accident, they will discover with dismay that the insurance adjusters are aggressive and their aim is to close the case – fast. Their other goal is to close the claim out for the lowest amount possible and they pride themselves on using any method they can to achieve those goals. “Insurance companies will use any method they can to drive a claim down, deny it or reduce it. In fact, they have an arsenal of tactics to use against accident victims and plaintiffs. This is why you need legal representation if you have been in an accident,” Osborne said.

At the crash scene and afterwards, the best advice anyone could hope for would be to say nothing to anyone, until speaking to a Chicago injury lawyer. In particular, that applies in spades to talking to the trucking company’s insurance adjusters or attorneys. “Say nothing, your words will be used against you later and even though you thought they were neutral and trying to help you get a fair settlement, they are anything but neutral. Given a chance, will make sure you don’t get what your accident claim is actually worth,” Osborne said.

Commercial truck drivers involved in an accident that they may have caused, will hide, alter, destroy or distort evidence and may even slant facts in their favor. Their whole career is at stake and their livelihood depends on keeping their job and their license. “Don’t be too surprised if what they say paints you as the bad guy,” Osborne said. An insurance company would have no interest in correcting any of the facts stated by a trucker involved in an accident. This is something everyone needs to be aware of.

“You might not know this, but trucking companies destroy accident records within six months and they are free to do so, so long as an attorney has not asked for them. This is a major reason to seek legal counsel immediately if you have been in a trucking accident,” Osborne said.

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