Don’t drive with a suspended license

This 18-wheeler and truck accident should never have happened. The driver at fault had a suspended license.

If there was ever a case where someone with a bad driving record should not be driving with a suspended license, this would be it. This accident involved an 18-wheeler and a truck and the resulting melee shut down a major U.S. highway for over an hour. It’s a wonder there weren’t more injuries that would involve contacting an Arkansas accident lawyer for assistance to recover compensation for personal injuries.

The driver of a Dodge 2500 pickup decided, for some unknown reason, to turn in front of a northbound big rig. The Dodge driver was trying to get into a parking lot at his local dollar store. Whatever possessed him to turn in front of an oncoming semi defies logic, but the end result of this smack-up was an out of control semi sliding into a power pole. The offending Dodge squeaked by a gas line and just missed a home. You can picture the mess that would have been if the gas line had ruptured.

The trucker wasn’t injured in the crash, but the Dodge driver and his children did receive minor injuries, which could have been a lot worse. No one went to hospital, but they were checked over by EMS crews. Evidently, the Dodge driver had not been drinking and driving, but he was ticketed for turning when it was unsafe to do so and driving with a suspended license. With a suspended license, it’s safe to assume his driving record was not exemplary. In addition, his lack of judgment and driving skills would seem to point to yet more reasons why he should not have been driving, period, let alone with two children in his truck.

Accidents are never a lot of fun, but unfortunately, they can and do happen at the drop of a dime. All it takes is just one miscalculation about speed or distance, and things like this situation can happen. Thankfully, it turned out well for those involved, but it could have been a nightmare in the making.

If you have been involved in a situation such as this, or something similar, it’s a wise move to call an Arkansas accident lawyer. You never know when minor bumps may turn into major brain trauma. It has happened and people have lost their lives because of it. Never hesitate to ask legal questions, as you need to know your rights to determine how to proceed in your particular case.

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