On the Job Amputation Award of Seven and one Half Million Dollars Helps Worker Recover

Most jobsites are accidents waiting to happen. This case is no exception.

Southfield, MI (Law Firm Newswire) August 6, 2010 — — “This is was actually a very unusual case of an amputation and a fatality that resulted from a faulty cabbage processing machine. Manfredo Ocampo went to work as usual one day and didn’t come home until many days later as a result of losing his arm at work and needing medical care in the hospital,” outlined Daren Monroe, who writes for Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

Evidently what happened is that Ocampo’s arm was torn off when the cabbage processing machine’s Lawsuit Funding Familycentrifuge ruptured while it was in high gear – 1,000 revolutions a minute. A second worker was killed due to the accident and two other employees were severely injured.

When the case made its way to court, the jury determined that 85% of the liability for this horrific accident lay at the doorstep of the machine’s owner. “It was clear during evidence presented at trial that the owner had known about the machine’s defect and had also known that the repairman had been unable to fix it. As a result of that telling evidence, the repairman’s employer was assigned the remaining liability,” recounted Monroe.

The defendant’s argument at trial was that the accident was the result of an unrelated manufacturing defect that resulted in a stress fracture. The jury didn’t agree.

“Ocampo would have quite likely been eligible for pre-settlement funding. All he would have had to do was make a quick phone call or have someone apply online for him. Once his eligibility was determined, the lawsuit cash advance would arrive within about 48 hours, by wire or by check; whichever way is the fastest,” Monroe stated.

There is no credit check involved in this process, you don’t have to be employed to apply, and there are no monthly payments to make or upfront fees demanded when the application for lawsuit funding is filled out. The plaintiff is able to do anything they want with the lawsuit cash advance, but most of them take the money and pay their medical bills and other financial obligations immediately, holding some funds back to get them through to verdict.

The value of pre-settlement funding is in the fact that once the plaintiff has it in hand, they don’t have to take any settlement offer from an insurance company that is not fair and equitable. “They can hang on, using their lawsuit loan, until they get justice and a decent settlement that recognizes the severity of their injuries and how they will be affected for the rest of their lives,” commented Monroe.

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