When Divide Becomes Conquer in the CIR Debate

Arizona’s new illegal immigration law really messed up the works. It may also affect the passage of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) act.

“Just what we don’t need, is yet another excuse to ‘not’ work on getting the comprehensive immigration reform bill passed – hopefully sometime soon, or in the alternative, sometime this century. But, by the looks of things, Arizona has handed the Obama administration a real can of worms with the passage of their new illegal immigration law that lets the police stop anyone that looks suspiciously like they’re not carrying the right immigration paperwork, ” observed Sally Odell, an immigration lawyer at Rifkin Fox-Isicoff, P.A., in Miami and Orlando, Florida.

So far, one state has gone ahead and blazed their own new trail to deal with the illegal immigration problem. This isn’t to say that others can’t and won’t follow right behind them. If that happens, the states themselves may just preempt the comprehensive immigration reform bill and leave it where it is right now – up in the air looking for a place to land.

“Take a good hard look at the recent media coverage, and you’ll see that a whole lot of communities are getting restless because nothing has been done with CIR. For example, there is a city in Nebraska voting on whether or not they should ban local businesses and landlords from hiring/renting to illegal aliens. Think about the human rights issues involved here and you’ll realize the scope of the problem that is slowly developing for the administration,” added Odell.

The hard reality of what is happening here is that more and more states, cities, towns and villages are going to want a law in place similar to Arizona’s law. And why wouldn’t they want one like that when Arizona got away with it? The response from the White House is that CIR is still a priority, and it may well be, but if someone doesn’t get off the proverbial “pot” the nation will take the reins away from them and do it on their own. This isn’t something that generally tends to make for peace, order and good government.

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