The Maggio Law Firm Explains the Benefits of Choosing Mediation

Going through a divorce can be a difficult time for couples. Not only must they decide on an attorney to hire, but they must also consider whether a divorce can be handled through mediation rather than litigation.

Mediation is a practical option that can offer couples a chance to end their marriage in the spirit of cooperation rather than hostility. Once mediation is chosen as an option, the couple will work with a mediator to reach an amicable resolution of any issues that remain at the dissolution of the marriage.

“Mediation can offer couples the opportunity to end their marriage in a manner that minimizes stress and maximizes cooperation. During mediation, both parties can work together to achieve a positive outcome where both parties get some of what they want,” explained Gerald A. Maggio, an Orange County divorce attorney.

One of the most common reasons couples choose mediation is because it is less expensive than litigation. A couple will need to hire only one person to assist them in their divorce, rather than two separate attorneys. It is a flexible, inexpensive way for a couple to end their marriage without much conflict.

Mediation is also a good choice for couples because it offers them a greater degree of control than other options. When couples choose to pursue litigation, all of the decisions regarding their future rest in the hands of a stranger who really does not know their situation and personal circumstances.

“If divorces are settled through litigation, a judge will be responsible for making decisions that will affect a family’s future. A judge will have limited time to hear the details of each divorce case and cannot carefully consider how a decision will affect a family in the long-term. Mediation, on the other hand, offers families the flexibility to take as much time as necessary to consider how these decisions will impact their future,” indicated Maggio.

A divorce can have a traumatic effect on children, and pursuing mediation instead of litigation is often easier on them. When choosing to use a mediator, it can help families move forward in a way this is amicable. Children will not be subjected to a bitter battle in a court room, and the couple will be able to work together to find the best solution without putting the children in the middle. “Placing children in the middle of difficult divorce proceedings could impact their ability to have healthy relationships and may cause them to suffer emotional problems that can carry into adulthood. Mediation allows parents to discuss important decisions in an arena that is less stressful on child,” added Maggio.

Mediation is also a great option because it does not limit couples from going to court. If a couple is not satisfied in mediation and cannot come up with a solution that fits both parties, they can stop at any time, retain separate attorneys and have a judge decide their important issues.

Mediation is not the only alternative to an unpleasant divorce experience, but it is an option that deserves serious consideration. A family law attorney is an excellent choice for a mediator, as he or she will know and understand the rules of divorce and will understand the type of decisions a judge could make, if the matter has to be litigated. A divorce attorney serving as a mediator can also prepare the necessary documentation to complete the divorce process in the court.

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