The Law Offices of Spotora & Associates Introduce the Virtual Lawyer Program

Los Angeles law firm, Spotora & Associates, PC, has introduced, “Virtual Lawyer,” a revolutionary new program that provides users with easy access to quality legal advice. Using video conferencing technology, Virtual Lawyer provides a legal solution that most would agree is not only needed, but has been lacking for years.

Oftentimes, individuals have only one or two quick legal questions to ask and wish they could get a simple yet reliable answer from an experienced attorney without going through the hassle of making an in-person appointment or worse, tendering a large retainer and formally establishing a long-term attorney-client relationship. The problem is, the Business & Professions Code, along with most State Bar Ethics Rules, including California, can prohibit and/or heavily warn against lawyers from lending legal advice in the absence of an attorney-client relationship. To resolve this dilemma, Spotora & Associates created their Virtual Lawyer program. The program provides potential clients with a simple means of establishing a temporary attorney-client relationship and meeting with an attorney face-to-face using videoconferencing technology, at an extremely affordable price.

Don’t like videoconferencing or don’t have it available? No problem. Once the temporary attorney-client relationship has been formed via Spotora & Associates’ website (, the legal advice needed can be provided over the phone! Users can have their legal questions answered in a timely fashion, no matter where they are in the world.

It was the firm’s CEO and Managing Attorney, Anthony Spotora, who developed the concept. When interviewed on the thought process that led to such a method, Mr. Spotora shared, “After 10 years in business, one issue that consistently presented itself was callers seeking an answer to only one or two legal questions. Time and time again, we explained like a broken record that we were governed by laws and rules that limited the extent to which we could assist them in the absence of an attorney-client relationship. Even the infamous “Free Consultation” offered by most firms is intended to stop short of actually offering legal advice. Alternatively, up to the point of establishing a formal attorney-client relationship, free consultations are meant to only determine the issues raised by the facts presented, qualify that the lawyer or law firm is competent to handle the matter, and see if the parties are a good “fit.” I decided it was time to develop a solution to this repetitious issue and fortunately, the technology was available to do so. Hence, our ‘Virtual Lawyer Program.’”

To participate in the service, Virtual clients fill out and submit a short meeting request form on Spotora & Associates’ website ( that details the topic they’d like to discuss, their preferred meeting time, and the video chat format that works best for them (unless they elect to be advised by telephone only). Virtual clients can then choose a 20 minute, 40 minute or hour long meeting package and, if their meeting request is accepted by the firm, they can make a payment through a secure payment gateway that will be provided to them by e-invitation. Based on the information provided, Virtual clients will then be able to chat with a senior-level attorney who has the experience and expertise to answer their legal questions.

Spotora & Associates’ Virtual Lawyer program is intended to give users the peace of mind necessary to make sound decisions in their personal and professional lives. This cost-effective legal service is ideal for those who have limited legal needs and do not require full-service representation. Users can proceed with confidence, knowing that they have consulted an experienced attorney without ever having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

Should Virtual clients decide to extend their relationship with the Law Offices of Spotora & Associates at the end of their Virtual Lawyer session, they have the option of requesting that their Virtual Lawyer payment be applied to the first hour of in-person, full service work.

Spotora & Associates primarily offer legal advice based on the laws of the state of California.

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