Maintenance Support for the Man Is Reality

While it may seem difficult to comprehend, men are also entitled to maintenance as the result of a divorce settlement if the circumstances merit it.

There are a lot of people who think that a man applying for and getting spousal support is ridiculous and not fair. In reality, if the man happens to make less than the female, he is entitled to apply for the support. It’s interesting that a great many couples facing divorce think this is outrageous and that support should only be paid to the female. The actual bottom line is that if one spouse is able to get support from their about to be “ex,” then the other spouse is entitled to the same thing.

Aside from the equity questions involved in a situation such as this, it only makes sense that the husband be able to get spousal support. Even though initially, when both people got married, they never bet the farm on having to face such complex and upsetting issues, they are a reality in today’s society; more so since the nation is in the midst of a major recession.

Those who have lost their jobs need to find ways to stay afloat as best as they can. If they are in the middle of a divorce situation and spousal support is an issue and the woman’s net worth and income are higher than the man’s, he is entitled to support. In other words there needs to be equality under the law – equal treatment. If the wife is able to get it, then the same should be the case for the husband.

Interestingly enough, the inequity and imbalance of “rights” in a marital breakup also seem to extend to some women who are wondering why the father has a right to share equal time with children because after all, the mother is the central figure in the child’s life. While it may be the case that the woman bore the children, she didn’t do it without the help of the father. In the eyes of the law, the father has equal rights to see his children – unless of course there are extenuating circumstances why this should not be allowed.
The bottom line here is that if a couple gets divorced, there are certain rights each of them have, whether or not they used those rights when they were married or not. For example, just because a father or mother didn’t spend equal time with the kids when the couple was married does not erase the rights they have in divorce; to spend equal time with the children – if the parent is willing and able to do that.
The days of double standards in the divorce court arena are long over, however much of this equality in treatment seems to have escaped the notice of those in the middle of divorcing. Odd that the foundation of the law is equal rights accrue to all, when those seeking equity at the hands of the court don’t believe in equity themselves.

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