New York Mayor Bloomberg Uses Immigrant Advocacy in Re-Election Bid

Stewart Rabinowitz of the Dallas-based law firm Rabinowitz and Rabinowitz praises Mayor Bloomberg’s plan Immigrants: The Lifeblood of New York City.

Mayor Bloomberg understands the critical role that immigrants play in our economy and communities. In 2006, he urged a comprehensive and pragmatic policy for immigration reform, which would point the undocumented to the path of U.S. Citizenship. As a leader in welcoming and integrating immigrants into the tapestry of American communities, Mayor Bloomberg has established a uniform policy and standards for translation or interpretation services for agencies that have direct contact with New Yorkers. Each agency provides language assistance in the six major languages spoken in New York. He also signed an Executive Order that prohibits city workers from inquiring about the legal status of immigrants unless they are suspected of criminal activity.

“From establishing Immigrant Heritage Week to teaming up with immigrant advocacy groups to ensure a true count of New York City residents in the 2010 Census, Mayor Bloomberg has proven himself a leader, when it comes to immigrant concerns and priorities,” asserts Stewart Rabinowitz, of the Dallas-based law firm Rabinowitz and Rabinowitz. One of the initiatives that Mayor Bloomberg is implementing is called Immigrants: The Lifeblood of New York City. Rabinowitz finds this praiseworthy. “This will maximize the contributions that immigrants provide to our economy while helping to facilitate their integration into our communities,” he explains.

Part of Mayor Bloomberg’s initiative is to ensure that every New York immigrant who has the desire to learn the English language will be given the opportunity to do so. Limited English skills prevent immigrants from being able to access the most trustworthy options to get out of poverty. With immigrant children in mind, Mayor Bloomberg also has plans that focus on helping them to achieve goals of employment for students still learning English, pursuing higher education and to identify strategies for eliminating the achievement gap. Concludes Rabinowitz, “Mayor Bloomberg recognizes how crucial it is to make sure that immigrant children have the necessary resources needed to succeed.” Immigrants: The Lifeblood of New York City is a way to impart a significant portion of Mayor Bloomberg’s vision for his third term as well as continuing his record of supporting New York’s diverse immigrant community.

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