Watch What the Package Label Says

Those labels on the outside of various products are there for a reason; to warn people about a danger and to keep them safe. Failure to heed the warning may be dangerous.

It’s pretty much a given than when we go to the store to buy something that we assume it will be safe and won’t harm us. More often than not, this is a reasonable assumption. However, have you noticed the warning labels on the packages? They could say things such as, “Don’t drive while taking this medication,” or “Small parts could cause choking,” or much to your amusement they may even say in the case of a hair dryer, “Don’t use while you are asleep.”

Although some of the warnings you happen to read on labels may seem ridiculous, they are there because something like that has already happened to someone. This is how warnings on products come into being in the first place; someone complained that the manufacturer should tell people about the product’s hazards.
Generally speaking, there are laws in place to protect consumers in the event of an injury sustained by a product malfunctioning or to a manufacturing defect that caused harm or death. If you have had a less than pleasant experience with a product and were harmed, you should speak to a products liability attorney to get some answers. If the package didn’t provide an adequate warning about what happened to you, then you may have a viable legal case. Only your attorney will be able to assess this for you.

Speaking of liability, another huge area of the law that centers on the determination of a person’s liability is premises liability. Premises liability is a legal responsibility that all landowners/occupiers have to make sure their premises are safe when others come to visit. So, if you happen to own a store and don’t tell customers the floor is wet from mopping and they slip and fall, your premises liability insurance covers their injuries.
Slip, trip and falls are fairly common liability claims and many lawyers handle these cases in addition to product liability issues, as the issues involved in both kinds of cases are similar – the question of liability. In the instance of product liability the supplier, manufacturer and even the designer may be held liable for injuries caused by a defective product sold on the market. The interesting thing about product liability law is that you’d be astounded to find out about the long list of product failures that you can actually file a lawsuit over; for instance, lighters that explode, faulty ladders that collapse, patio furniture that breaks, baby car seats crumple on impact, and roofs on cars cave in rather than protect.

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