The Wide Scope of Investment Fraud

While many people tend to think that investment fraud is all about stock and securities fraud, it actually has many other facets. Be alert to scams.

It’s likely that not many people have heard of invention scams or even rare item investment scams, but they exist and they are every bit as sneaky and underhanded as stock and securities fraud. Scams are on the rise, which makes sense in this dismal economy, and as a net result, millions of dollars is fleeced from customers every year.

To be on the alert and get wise to investment frauds/scams there is some warning flags that should go up that would hint that a person may be dealing with a potential scam. Of course, the first one is predicated on that old chestnut, “If it sounds too good to be true, then it likely is.”

Red flag number two would be a high-pressure sales person trying to use strong-arm tactics to get the potential investor to invest immediately if not sooner. If someone calls and starts a spiel about an investment opportunity when no one in the house requested information, it’s time to hang up. Some scam artists also have the nerve to ask for credit card information or even social security numbers. It goes without saying that this information needs to be kept close to the vest and not shared with anyone.

Although people are able to get fraud and scam information from the Federal Trade Commission and the state securities regulator, if common sense is utilized in a prudent manner, most scams of this nature may be avoided. On the other hand, if a scam was successful, and some of them are due to their very crafty believability, the victim needs to act fast to remedy the situation.

Don’t waste two seconds thinking that some fraudster took advantage of you and ripped off money or vital personal information. Just pick up the phone and call the police, the fraud has to be stopped in its tracks before someone else gets taken in. Give them as many details as possible about who called, how the contact was established, how any investments purchased were funded, and any information that might help. No detail is too small to mention.

The next person on the list to call would be a lawyer familiar with stock and investment fraud. It’s their job to assist in building a case against the person who perpetrated the fraud. It’s also their job to answer any questions about stock and investment fraud, how it works and what the chances are of recovering any money.

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