Misreading a Mammogram Med Mal

While most people think that an error in medications or treatment is medical malpractice, misreading the results of a test, such as a mammogram, is also considered to be medical malpractice.

Many people just don’t stop to think that there may be an error when it comes to reading the results of their medical tests. They just assume that when the results are in, that whatever they say is the actual results. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and in some instances, misreading a medical test may result in injuries or even death.

An example of one area of medical malpractice is when a doctor misdiagnoses breast cancer. There are unusually two fairly common mistakes made that may delay diagnosis. The first error is failing to order a diagnostic test in the first place in order to rule out cancer if a lump is present in the breast. The second mistake is misreading the mammogram. If you live in Georgia and need to speak to legal counsel about this kind of situation, look for representation from an Atlanta personal injury lawyer.

As you can see, both of these kinds of errors would cause delays in a cancer diagnosis until it may be too late to do anything about it. In a case like this, the patient may have a case for medical malpractice.

Many doctors still do this today: reassure a woman that a lump in her breast is likely nothing much more than a benign cyst. Without any diagnostic tests to be able to confirm that “guess,” providing the patient with a definitive diagnosis becomes like a game of Russian roulette. While it may be statistically fairly accurate that most abnormal breast exams are the result of something besides cancer, not checking to be sure borders on negligence, something that needs to be discussed with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer.

There have been reports of doctors telling women they are too young to have breast cancer or that because their family has no history of it, that they are not at risk to get it. Unfortunately, breast cancer can and does happen to anyone, at any age. The only accepted medical practice is to run diagnostics. A clinical exam won’t provide much more information other than there is a lump. The bottom line here is that most cancer specialists are of the opinion that any lump needs to be tested.

If you have been in a situation like this, and were told you likely didn’t have cancer, or you discovered later that a mammogram was incorrectly read and you are now battling cancer, speak to a highly skilled Atlanta personal injury lawyer. Your attorney will represent you aggressively to obtain justice.

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