Injuries at Birth May Be Cause for Medical Malpractice

The very act of giving birth is often fraught with many dangers where something may go horribly wrong. One thing may be birth injuries.

Delivering a baby isn’t always a stress free job, particularly if there are problems that develop during the birth. If the doctor and medical staff do not take the appropriate action or delay taking action, the consequences may be birth injuries to the baby and possibly the mom.

One situation that has the potential to cause shoulder dystocia is when the baby’s shoulders are folded inward during the birth process, otherwise called mal-positioned. When that does happen, it makes delivery that much more difficult because it ripens the conditions for dystocia to take place. Mal-presentation, in other words, not presenting with the head down, is also a critical situation that may cause shoulder dystocia if something isn’t done to attend to this situation.

While the mother is in labor, there may be a good reason to give her an epidural – either at her request or at the discretion of the doctor. This of course is an anesthetic that helps with labor pains, but the contractions still happen, it’s just that they’re mostly pain free. The epidural causes the mom to lose all sensation of being able to push. This means pushing is not done in a natural way, which may cause the baby to descend improperly – a situation ripe for an impacted shoulder.

Birth injuries may also happen as a result of the improper use of forceps. Generally speaking, the forceps are used to help the baby be born. This instrument that looks like a pair of tongs, normally grips about the infant’s head to help with the birth. Although forceps do have their place in deliveries, if they’re used incorrectly, this causes problems. It may for instance turn the baby’s head in the wrong direction, impacting the shoulders, or they may wind up squeezing the baby’s head too tightly, thus causing injuries.

Also be aware that the incorrect use of a vacuum extractor has the potential to go wrong. In an ideal situation, the cup at the top of the extractor is attached to the baby’s head. The physician then uses vacuum pressure to get the baby into the right position to deliver. There is a risk of applying too much pressure and thus causing nerve damage that could result in brachial plexus palsy.

Anyone of the above situations may result in the parents of the baby filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Speak to a highly qualified attorney who will assist in building the case for compensation.

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