Caregiver 360®: The Caregiver’s Gal Friday

This interactive Web service can be a personalized care guide for caregivers so that your loved one may receive state-of-the-art 24-7 care in the comforting environs of your home.

Ken Ziel came to the nuts and bolts of compassionate care the hard way. When his son Austin was born in 1990 with multiple disabilities, he was fearful that his son would not be approached with the same level of skill, compassion, and love that he and his wife could provide. Among other things, Ziel learned that without individualized instructions or personalized care guides, the very act of providing care could prove problematic.

Enter the system Ziel invented, Caregiver360®. An easy to use interactive Web service that assists in creating a safe and secure Personal Care Guide, it can serve as a comprehensive database of intimate experience, knowledge, and specific needs of your loved one. Besides providing immediate access to this personalized care guide, this Web-based service (economically priced at < $10.00 per month) makes available ample caregiving resources through a searchable online library. Testimonials on Ziel’s website address a potpourri of circumstances where hiring at-home caregivers and complementing their efforts with Caregiver360® might prove practical – children with chronic illness, adults with developmental disabilities, compassionate Alzheimer’s care, assorted elder issues, and persons suffering traumatic injuries such as brain stem encephalitis.

When you’re faced with a loved one in need of 24-7 at-home care, just getting away for an afternoon or evening can be a hurdle. It can be an even greater challenge to plan care for your loved one’s future if you were to become incapacitated or pass away. Locating and hiring a caregiver qualified and skilled enough to address your loved one’s needs is difficult enough. But that carefully selected caregiver will need detailed lists of instructions so that all your best intentions concerning your loved one’s needs are addressed, including a litany of “what ifs?” Caregiver360® can keep a record of all details, regimens, and instructions including prescriptions and medications, and update and communicate that information as circumstances change. To have this comprehensive record linked to the latest research, resources, and best-practice recommendations at the click of a mouse can be a comforting resource.

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