Blaming Illegal Aliens for Our Woes

Trying to find someone to blame in California for the depressing state of the budget, rather than the politicians taking responsibility for it, seems to be more of a witch hunt for illegal aliens and their U.S. born children.

California has some major problems going on when it comes to dealing with their budget. After all, it’s $25 billion in the red, which is hardly something to brag about. Thanks to those dismal numbers there is a lot of scrambling going on to point fingers at someone for causing this horrendous mess. It’s much easier to choose an outside target, like undocumented workers and their “U.S. born kids” than to man up and admit they got the state into this economic bind in the first place.

Plans are now in the works to “do” something about the budget and save money somehow. That “somehow” happens to be a proposed California ballot that would cut off welfare payments to the U.S. born children of illegal aliens. At least that is what will happen if it passes. You have to ask yourself this reasonable question when faced with plans like this, and that question is whether or not cutting off welfare payments to the children will resolve the budget mess. Any immigration lawyer in Miami will tell you it won’t.

If you do the math, you’ll figure out that the welfare payments only account for about 4% of the budget deficit. Four percent won’t even touch the massive debt California is facing and who in the world thought up that idea in the first place? The politicos must know any move like that would guarantee a court challenge that would come so fast they’d experience whiplash.

It has to do with the Constitution, the 14th Amendment to be precise and if you speak to an immigration lawyer in Miami, you’ll know right away you can’t violate a constitutional right. The 14th Amendment is clear that U.S. born children are U.S. citizens and may not have their legal “rights” taken away, no matter what status their parents may or may not have.

A ballot like that would stir the pot of racism in ways we don’t even want to contemplate in the so-called progressive 21st century. Human rights are essential and when the government starts taking these away, things tend to disintegrate in a hurry. Having said that, many people may recall that in 1994 there was Proposition 187 on the ballot. What did it do? It would have cut welfare, health and educational benefits for undocumented aliens – and – their children. The more things change, the more they remain the same and thus history comes back to haunt us now. For a long time immigration lawyer in Miami it brings back memories of the court challenges then as well.

Proposition 187 didn’t last long despite the fact it was passed. It didn’t matter that virtually a majority of voters wanted it put into place. What ultimately mattered were the courts finding Proposition 187 unconstitutional. If the politicians don’t think their most recent “idea” will meet a similar death, they’ve got their head stuck in the sand. Imagine the waste of taxpayer’s money to knowingly hold a ballot that will go down to defeat later. No matter which way you cut it, U.S. citizens can’t be legally deprived of benefits because of the immigration status of their mom and dad.

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