Big Rig Accidents Common

Not a day goes by that the highways in America aren’t teeming with big rigs. The 18-wheelers that make the pavement sing as goods are trucked to various locations. Beware tangling with a big rig, as the results are usually deadly.

For commuters on their way to work, for those out on the Interstate byways and country back roads, spotting a big rig is a very common occurrence. They are part of the mosaic of America. They are also deadly instruments of destruction if involved in an accident. In general, most drivers don’t pay that much attention to the big rigs, nor do they give much thought to who is behind the wheel. In most cases, they’re too busy just driving, concentrating on getting from point A to point B quickly. And therein lies the problem.

When car drivers don’t pay attention to what they are doing, or what other vehicles are close to them and what they are doing, this is when accidents happen. Truck drivers are not mind readers. If they were, there would be fewer deadly car/truck crashes. Truck accidents are catastrophic and almost always involve fatalities.

While it’s true that a number of big rig accidents are caused by the truck drivers not obeying the rules of the road, the other factor here is car drivers taking responsibility for their driving habits. It’s a common sense fact that 18-wheelers are much harder to maneuver than a car and take longer to stop. It’s just like the Randy Travis song that says 18-wheelers don’t stop on a dime.

Consider this deadly scenario: a car passes a commercial truck, whips back into the same lane as the truck far too early and then suddenly stops. The truck driver has no hope in avoiding an accident in cases like that. Instead they may jackknife, flip or run over the car that cut them off – not intentionally, but because they can’t stop soon enough.

Many car drivers also make the mistake in thinking that just because they can see the truck, that the truck driver is able to see them. This isn’t the case. Just as there are blind spots while driving a car, there are blind spots for truck drivers. Don’t wind up in one of those blind spots.

Another tactical error that car drivers make if they’re not familiar with how big rigs turn corners, is move around the rig to the right, smack dab in the way of the rig as it turns. The consequences of this are not pretty, and while not usually deadly, there is the potential for serious injuries.

When traveling with trucks, singly or in a convoy, stay clear and well away from them. Give them the space they need to travel safely. Avoid driving between two trucks or getting too close for comfort. Commercial trucks need space, and lots of it. That’s just the way life is and car drivers sharing the roads need to be aware of their own actions and take responsibility to drive with caution.

In the event of an 18-wheeler collision, immediately, despite severe personal injuries, contact a highly skilled attorney to take the case. The road to justice will then be an easier one to travel.

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