Why Motorcycle Accidents Happen in the First Place

There are numerous reasons why motorcycle accidents happen, and many of them are the result of another motorist’s negligence.

It’s unfortunate, but true, that just about one third of all motorbike crashes come about as the direct result of another vehicle turning right in front of them. Even though the speeds involved in an accident such as this may be relatively slower, compared to being on a main roadway, the lack of protection a bike rider has will still spell serious injury or death. Motorbikes don’t stop on a dime either and even if the rider has excellent reflexes, there may still be some significant damages personally and to the bike itself.

It isn’t just the fact that other motorists casually turn in front of bikers that is the problem, it is also incidents that involve driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving recklessly in lousy weather and on poor roads, breaking basic traffic rules and regulations, running stop lights, driving without proper corrective lenses if required and yes, even sleep deprivation. The causes for accidents are legion; the results unfortunately are often very serious injuries or a fatality.

Aside from other motorist’s not paying attention to the rules of the road and acting in a negligent manner, motorcycle crashes may also happen as a result of a mechanic’s negligence. Two wheeled vehicles like this need extra care and maintenance and if a mechanic fails to do what is required with due diligence and care, this puts the biker at a huge risk on the road.

For instance, if a nagging engine problem was not corrected properly, a misaligned tire wasn’t fixed or a balding tire was left rather than putting a replacement on, this failure to do what was necessary to make the bike safe may result in a nasty pile-up later. This is one of the reasons why it is important to know the precise cause of a motorcycle accident in order to correctly apportion liability where it belongs.

While not many people give this much thought, roadways are a major headache for bikers. If those roadways are not properly maintained and cared for and a motorcycle hits loose gravel or potholes, they are likely to skid or flip. In circumstances like this, the bike accident may be attributable to local official negligence.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident and suffered severe injuries, or have lost a loved one to such an accident, contact a highly qualified motorcycle accident attorney who will advise you of your rights. Once s/he knows the details of your case, you will be able to discuss how you want to proceed to justice.

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