To Blow or Not to Blow

DUIs are very serious offenses and carry with them the possibility of significant fines and a criminal record that dogs a person for the rest of their life.

Think twice before drinking and driving, or the consequences may be something greater than expected. It’s not just about a harmless drink or two or three, it’s about getting behind the wheel of a deadly instrument and causing severe injury or death to an innocent person who may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The problem with DUI these days is that even though people know it’s not smart to drink without a designated driver to drive, they do it anyway, largely because they feel that nothing will happen to them. While that may be the case a time or two; there will come a day when the results of drinking and driving catch up in a very memorable and possibly deadly manner.

Each state tends to have its own set of DUI laws and it’s best if charged with a DUI to speak with an attorney who has experience in this area, such as Jay F. Fortier of The Law Office of Jay F. Fortier, P.C., in Chicago, Illinois. A good lawyer, with lots of DUI experience, may be able to get the case totally dismissed or the sentence (if any) mitigated. “The other important thing to remember is that if constitutional rights were violated, then the attorney needs to know immediately,” added Fortier.

When stopped for a DUI, don’t volunteer anything, and don’t take the roadside tests. It may mean a trip to the local jail, but if an attorney is called and is present at the station, it may make a difference in the disposition of the charges. “The only person that needs to hear all the details is the attorney, as anything else has the likelihood of being used against the person later,” outlined Fortier.

It’s important to seek a skilled DUI attorney for another reason as well. The charges may vary and the attorney needs to know precisely what the charges are in order to mount an effective defense. There are some instances where the person charged may request a jury trial if they truly believe they are innocent and are not interested in the options presented to them when they went through arraignment.

While a jury trial is an option, it is a complicated procedure requiring witnesses and various other experts and may not have the hoped for outcome. This is when having a highly skilled DUI lawyer present in court such as Jay F. Fortier of The Law Office of Jay F. Fortier, P.C., in Chicago, Illinois, will assist with the possibility of a sentence reduction or dismissal of the case.

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