Silent Neck Injuries

Even though many neck injuries may not seem to be that serious at the time, it’s best you get them checked by a doctor, or they may cause problems later.

Many neck injuries are silent until they start to cause a problem. They are, in some ways, similar to brain injuries in that they don’t always manifest themselves right away. Most neck problems come about as a result of being in a car crash, or from slipping and falling.

Most of us are familiar with the term whiplash and perhaps have even suffered through a case of it. These personal injuries are notoriously sneaky, as they show no visible signs or symptoms. Some of the pain and discomfort will vanish over time; however, no one is one hundred percent sure when other consequences might not happen, such as numbness, disability or paralysis.

Soft spinal cord tissue damage may not manifest itself for years and remain silently waiting for a chance to cause problems that may even include death. Never make the mistake of thinking that a minor neck sprain will just “go away,” as many neck injuries have the ability to come back and haunt a person. No one wants to find out that what they thought was a minor injury and they settled for it, is actually a major condition that might cause them to spend their lives in a wheelchair.

If you have been injured in a car accident, or have slipped and fallen and injured your neck, contact a skilled attorney to take your case. Just because it may seem to be an inconsequential neck injury, the prognosis for this type of damage is always uncertain at best.

A highly trained attorney knows how to build a case to claim compensation for what seems like a minor injury, but may have the chance of developing into something worse. Your attorney will be intimately familiar with medical language, x-rays, imaging techniques, and therapies for treating neck injuries. S/he will also be able to explain to a jury the real consequences of a whiplash injury.

Remember, never assume because the neck damage seems to be inconsequential that you may not have a significant problem later in life.

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