Knowing How to Select/Form Business Entities Crucial

Choosing and forming a business entity is not an easy matter, and when more up-to-date information is published in this area, it’s an invaluable guideline for business lawyers.

“Within a few weeks, the 2009 edition of Selecting and Forming Business Entities will be available,” said Alan Insul, Los Angeles business attorney and respected author of Chapter’s 3 and 7 in this year’s edition. The two looseleaf volumes along with a forms CD are specifically designed for California business lawyers working with their clients to assist them in choosing the “best” entity for their business.

The material covers the basics and more of how to go about choosing the entity, how and where it needs to be organized and also how to manage it once it is set up. The companion CD is especially crucial, as it contains annotated operating agreements that attorneys are able to use.

“This is not a lightweight publication by any means and covers evaluating entity choices, general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, S&C corporations, close corporations, professional corporations and limited liability companies,” outlined Insul.

Insul’s contributions this year, Chapter 3 and Chapter 7 cover, limited liability partnerships and selecting a business names. Insul’s experience as a business attorney precedes him and he is highly regarded in Los Angeles as someone who is able to get to the heart of any legal matter, paring it down to the bare bones to deal with it. Many of Insul’s clients appreciate his ability to take a complex legal subject and sum it up in a nutshell.
“Being the CEO of a major corporation doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the clarity of succinct advice on legal matters that affect their bottom line. This is why I strive for language that makes sense and good common sense when dealing with my areas of expertise,” explained Insul.

In a world gone complex with the intricacies of today’s business transactions, having a complete set of well written, informative and easy to understand how-to instructions makes eminent sense. “Business law isn’t getting any easier to understand, and when something like this is available for attorneys who practice in this area, it’s usually in high demand,” added Insul.

Roni Balint writes for the Law Office of Alan M. Insul. The content contained within this feature is not intended as legal advice and does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. To learn more, contact Los Angeles business attorney and California corporate lawyer, Alan M. Insul by visiting