Insul Incoming Chair/Editor for Business Law News

2009 promises to be a year of reaching out to smaller business law firms and solo practitioners for Los Angeles business attorney Alan Insul in his new position for the Business Law News.

Being creative and thinking beyond the usual parameters has stood Los Angeles attorney Alan Insul in good stead for over 30 years. His personal and incisive touch when it comes to business and real estate law has gained him the reputation as the “go to” guy in the City of Angels.

Insul is noted for his deft handling of various transactional matters or adversarial proceeding in litigation. Insul is a tough and business savvy corporate management expert that takes the time to see all sides of an issue prior to proceeding.

This same tough and yet laid back approach is something that permeates Insul’s personal style when handling his clients affairs as well. He’s known to have a flair for taking some really nasty legal concepts and being able to explain them in plain English. A rare gift for an attorney, and one that will come in very handy for Insul’s newest appointment to Chairperson and Managing Editor of the Business Law News.
“We’re pleased to be making a concerted effort to reach out to and be more accessible to smaller law firms and solo practitioners. After all, the information we have is useful to everyone, no matter what the size of their firm,” outlined Insul.

The Business Law News (BLN) is the official news periodical of the California State Bar’s Business Law section – the largest section of the State bar. This periodical publishes articles that deal with, among other things, ex parte communications in a transactional law practice, the unfair competition law and how it is evolving, what commercial landlords need to understand about bankruptcy and intellectual property issues that need to be taken into consideration when doing due diligence for a merger or acquisition.

While the various topics that business lawyers handle may be as exciting as watching paint dry for the average reader, those in business who rely on attorneys with this kind of skill have a vested interest in their attorney being intimately familiar with various concepts that affect businesses of all sizes. No issue is too small when its eventual applicability may affect a major corporation sometime later.

This is something that Alan Insul is quite conversant with and as an attorney who makes the law look and sound easy, his appointment to Chairperson and Managing Editor of the Business Law News will continue to improve on the long tradition of excellence of delivering the latest developments and insights in business law to California business attorneys.

“I try to meld the advice I give as a lawyer with the actual situations that clients face, simply because giving legal advice in a vacuum just doesn’t cut it in today’s legal arena. Clients are looking for advice that is clear cut, straight forward and to the point in order to make decisions,” said Insul.

The Business Law News is responsible for publishing four quarterly periodicals featuring content written by experts in various areas of business law. The BLN also produces an annual review which is a retrospective of major developments in the area of business law during the previous year.

Roni Balint writes for the Law Office of Alan M. Insul. The content contained within this feature is not intended as legal advice and does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. To learn more, contact Los Angeles business attorney and California corporate lawyer, Alan M. Insul by visiting