Georgia DUI Convictions Tough

There is no second-guessing in instances of driving while drunk. It’s a bad idea and the consequences are not a lot of fun either.

“The biggest risk people take when they drive drunk in Georgia is losing their right to drive,” explained Robert Webb of Webb & D’Orazio, in Atlanta, Georgia. Being arrested for a DUI in the state of Georgia means the possibility of facing strict penalties; penalties that will follow a person for the rest of their lives.

Driving under the influence, while not a smart thing to do, does happen now and then, but even being caught once may wind up resulting in a one year license suspension, and this is for a first time offender (a person who has not had a DUI arrest in the last five years).

Unless there is a skilled DUI attorney involved in this affair, the penalties may be worse. Never make the mistake of thinking it’s just a “little” offense. “Make a call to a DUI lawyer right away and discuss the case with him or her. That one call may result in the case being dropped, the charges dismissed or the penalties mitigated,” outlined Webb.

For first time Georgia offenders being tagged with a DUI, a one-year license suspension is a significant blow to their lifestyle. This makes getting anywhere a major pain, so they may apply for a 30-day work permit that will let them drive to school or work, etc. While on the work permit, the first time offender may choose to complete a Risk Reduction Course and pay a fee. “Doing this may mean the reinstatement of the regular license at the end of the 30-day period,” added Webb.

The first time DUI offender isn’t just going to lose their license and that is the end of the matter. They may find themselves paying up to $1,000 plus other fees and court costs. This is yet another clear reason to hire a skilled DUI attorney who will go to bat for their client. While there may be no way around the minimum required one-day of jail time, sentences may range from 10 days to 12 months. “A good DUI attorney will be able to mitigate the terms of the sentencing to a certain extent,” said Robert Webb of Webb & D’Orazio, in Atlanta, Georgia.

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