Divorce on Hold

It makes a lot of sense that divorces these days are not happening with the same degree of regularly they have in the past. This is due to the poor economy.

Going through a divorce is not a lot of fun for any of the participants, not to mention the usual financial consequences dogging both parties as they struggle to get back on their feet. However, the rush to the divorce courts seems to be slowing down, thanks to the bad economy, something that Bradley J. Hofland, a Las Vegas divorce lawyer, has noticed as well.

If a person stands to lose a great deal of money, property, assets, pensions, etc., when they file for divorce, it stands to reason that they would be thinking twice about whether or not to pull the plug and take their chances with the courts. There isn’t always a lot of certainty about how the property may be split or how alimony and child support issues will be handled. One thing is for certain, divorces cost money and that seems to be a fact of life.

“It seems that divorce these days is now something people consider very carefully before they make any decisions they may not be able to live with later,” added Hofland, who practices Las Vegas family law. In fact, 37 percent of the members of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers are reporting that they’re once again seeing a decline in divorces. Interestingly enough, this trend seems to follow a pattern directly tied to the state of the American economy.

These days if someone wants a divorce, they need to do some serious planning before they make any decisions. One of their choices may be to wait until the economy improves and people’s ability to manage debts takes a turn for the better. What also seems to be happening on the matrimonial front is that those in troubled marriages are waiting to see what happens. “Two things may happen in that instance – the problems may resolve and the marriage may continue, or the issues merely percolate and the parties start to get prepared to divorce at a later date,” said Bradley J. Hofland, a Las Vegas divorce lawyer.

Facing a job loss, lay off, illness or divorce is enough to make many people stop dead in their tracks and consider what it would mean if their net worth took a sudden plunge. The facts are that they would likely not be able to make the payments associated with a divorce – the legal fees and the possibility of also paying out two types of support – spousal and child. To find out what would happen in the event of a divorce, contact a highly skilled attorney such as Bradley J. Hofland, a Las Vegas family law attorney.

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