Auto Accident Rates Far Too High

There are almost 5 million auto accidents a year in America, representing at least 20,000 deaths and close to 2 million injured.

“If a claim is handled through insurance, the settlement may cover the compensation due as a result of injuries sustained in a car crash. And then again, it may not,” explained Arkansas super lawyer Michael G. Smith of Little Rock. This is where a highly skilled personal injury attorney comes into play – meaning they will ensure a just settlement if the insurance companies are playing musical insurance policies with the victims involved in the crash.

Unfortunately, although insurance companies do offer us coverage on our vehicles and offer funds if there has been an accident, in most cases, the settlement amounts are no where near what they may need to be depending on the severity of the accident and the extent of the injuries suffered. “Nor do they address other issues such as pain and suffering and loss of wages,” added Smith.

It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to try and lowball settlement for those involved in accidents to try and get them to settle for far less than what they would be entitled to if they went to court and successfully sued for compensation. “The fact is that insurance companies are not anyone’s friends and that is quite evident when it comes to their accident settlement techniques,” explained Arkansas super lawyer Michael G. Smith of Little Rock.

Never take the first offer an insurance company makes as the result of an accident. In fact, don’t take the second offer either. Instead make tracks to talk to a highly skilled personal injury attorney who will assist in dealing with the insurance companies. “In most instances, the presence of a lawyer to settle a claim speeds it up and often may increase the settlement amount,” said Smith.

The ultimate big stick of course is the lawyer taking the insurance company to court, something most insurance companies hate with a passion and strive to avoid the costs. If an insurance problem involving a car crash is being shuttled about without any satisfactory ending in sight, speak to a top-notch attorney to get things sorted out fast. One such attorney is Arkansas super lawyer Michael G. Smith of Little Rock.

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