Adoption to Kin

Not a lot of people are aware of the fact that there is something called kinship adoption or relative adoption.

There are actually several forms of adoption available for those who wish to go this route to have a child. Adoption is much the same process as deciding to have a child. You need to weigh out the pros and cons and consider what your motives are for having a child or for choosing adoption.

One method of adoption is known as domestic private. The others available to choose from are inter-country adoption, kinship/relative adoption and domestic adoption from state foster care. The route you choose will largely pertain to what you think is right for your particular family situation.

A domestic adoption usually proceeds through a licensed adoption agency, an attorney, adoption facilitators, doctors or other various avenues. In this instance, you are able to adopt directly from a family. Usually what takes place is that the family of the child typically chooses the family that will later adopt that child. In many instances as well, both the families will make decisions about how much contact the child will have with both sets of parents.

Inter-country adoption usually refers to adoption of children who are residents and citizens of one country, but the parents are citizens of another country. Typically in these instances, both governments of each country are also involved in this process. Check the State Department website to find out if the country you want to adopt from is allowing inter-country adoptions to the US.

Kinship or relative adoption means a family is adopting a child through close family ties, for instance the child of a sister, or through a relationship the family has with the child’s family. A good example of this would be adoption by stepmothers and fathers, grandparents or even friends. You definitely need the assistance of a skilled family law attorney for any of these adoptions, as these matters tend to be rather complex.

Domestic adoptions from a state foster care situation means that you would be adopting a child or children out of temporary foster care or a welfare situation. Children in circumstances like this require a great deal of time and commitment, as they have not experienced that in their lives prior to adoption to a safe home.

If you’re considering adoption, get in touch with an extremely knowledgeable family law attorney to assist you in getting through all the legal hoops.

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