Two Killed in Orange County Car Crash

Tony Francis of the Orlando-based Francis Law Firm notes the all-too common incidences of accidents in Orange and Seminole County, and urges stricter adherence to safe driving practices.

Sometimes accidents have consequences that are improbable. When a driver in Oviedo lost control of his car and surged into a power line, interrupting electricity to thousands of Seminole County residents on Saturday May 30th, nobody expected it. “Sometimes accidents can have unexpected consequences,” says Orlando-based attorney Tony Francis of the Francis Law firm.

The mishap knocked out power to about 13,000 residents of Seminole County. The driver, behind the wheel of a White Cadillac, inexplicably lost control and slammed into the pole on Mitchell Hammock Road. While the pole is still upright, the crash with the Caddy knocked loose several high-tension power lines causing a monstrous fireworks display more indicative of 4th of July. “Witnesses claimed that the vehicle swerved like a hooked fish from side to side and hit the pole,” said Lt. Tony Valez of the Oviedo Police Department. The driver was airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center in serious condition. The crash cut off power to most of Oviedo. Residents and businesses were left without air conditioning, lights, and appliances. After about two hours, Progress Energy was able to divert the electricity and restore power.

An accident on Thursday night, June 4th, was more deadly. It happened on Interstate 4 in Orange County. The Florida Highway Patrol says 25-year-old Roberto Valles was traveling on I-4 when he ran off the highway and onto the grass. The car hit an exit sign and flipped onto its roof. Two passengers were ejected and later died. Valles and another passenger were taken to a hospital in serious condition.

“That’s a real tragedy,” says Francis, “While details are too sketchy to determine much about what happened, when lives are lost, the tragic nature of an accident becomes indelible.”

It is estimated that several hundred people die in Central Florida accidents each year. “Highway safety is discussed in the schools and in people’s homes,” Francis explains, “but it never seems to really sink in. Perhaps it should be stressed even more.”

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