Varied Forms of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is a topic that sets many people right off because just about everyone has an older parent or loved one that may be in a nursing home or long-term care facility.

Elder abuse is one of the most serious and heinous crimes in today’s society. It has an ugly face and an even uglier outcome for those who are the victims. The abuse may be physical, mental, emotional or psychological, and it may be deliberate or inadvertent. The ends results however are the same; an elderly person is abused and frightened. There is no place for this kind of situation in today’s supposedly enlightened society.

What causes elder abuse? Statistics indicate that often the cause of elder abuse is the result of the caregiver being depressed and under a lot of stress. While that may be the case, there is really no good reason for anyone, even if they are stressed, to take out their feelings on an elderly person who is not able to defend himself or herself.

In dealing with cases of elder abuse, we have seen instances of emotional abuse by using intimidation, humiliation and the deliberate withholding of pain medications. There are other forms of abuse prevalent in nursing homes or long-term care facilities, such as healthcare fraud, sexual abuse and exploiting the patient for money or other assets.

If you are not sure what is going on with your loved one who may be in a long-term care facility, watch for warning signs that may indicate a problem. One of the first things you will likely notice is a change in your loved one’s personality. Personality changes are something that must be investigated, as they are often just the tip of the iceberg in elder abuse cases.

Perhaps you may suspect physical abuse as you have seen signs of bruises, welts, marks on the wrists (from being restrained), unexplained weight loss, or other changes in physical appearance. Another tip-off is a caregiver not allowing you to be alone with your loved one. Also, be aware that in some instances there are over and under doses of required drugs being given to your loved one. This is much harder to spot and is something in which you need to speak to a competent attorney.

Are there any solutions to this prevalent problem? There are some, and speaking to a highly qualified elder abuse attorney is one of them. The other is hiring a live-in caregiver or a private caregiver, if funds allow for that.

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