The Trauma of Brain (TBI) Injuries

It’s virtually inevitable that those who suffer traumatic brain injury and survive will be left with some form of difficulty for the rest of their lives.

One of the most telling differences in a traumatic brain injury survivor is a change in their personality. “Much of that however, is dependent on the severity of the initial trauma, the victim’s original personality, and where the injury to the brain is located,” explained Lance and Laura Sharp of the Sharp Firm of Austin, Texas. These factors alone will usually dictate what type of deficits may be present in a TBI patient.

The most common differences in TBI patients have been noted as being short-term memory loss, lacking in motivation, difficulties remaining focused, lack of empathy, impatience, a marked increase in being self-centered, depression, bouts of anger, poor judgment, and the inability to follow written instructions. “This isn’t to say that every TBI case will manifest with these symptoms, but there are many that do, in addition to other difficulties as well,” commented Lance Sharp.

In TBI cases, it is critically important to contact a highly skilled TBI attorney who is able to fight for damages that will sustain the injured party for the rest of their lives. The accident may have only happened once, but the TBI is always with the victim every day after the accident. “There are extensive changes in lifestyle for many TBI patients as well, not to mention the sometimes extensive rehabilitation that they need to undergo in order to be able to cope with life, as they now know it,” explained Lance and Laura Sharp of the Sharp Firm of Austin, Texas,

Only a thoroughly qualified TBI attorney will be able to lay out the areas where damages may be claimed in a TBI case. They are many and varied, but having a reputable lawyer assist clients in formulating a life plan to achieve a reasonable lifestyle for the future is vital to a client and their families.

A TBI lawsuit is a lengthy process and the attorney chosen must fight aggressively for the welfare of their client. Clients would be in good hands with the Sharp Firm in Austin, Texas, headed by Lance and Laura Sharp who have over 40 years of combined legal experience at their fingertips.

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