The Auto Crash Injury Tango

After an auto crash there are a great number of things to take care of, not the least of which is any possible personal injuries and property damage.

Not a day goes by when there isn’t some kind of a car crash. While the vast majority of them happen to be minor incidents, others will require immediate emergency medical care. Those accidents that result in a trip to the doctor or the ER are the ones where a good personal injury attorney is invaluable in claiming damages for the carnage. “The attorney will also deal with the insurance companies involved on both sides to ensure a just settlement” explained Arkansas super lawyer Michael G. Smith of Little Rock.

Usually the most difficult thing to determine in car crashes is who happens to be at fault. While on the surface it might look like the other driver was drunk and caused the crash, after digging deeper it might turn out the driver was not drunk and was weaving because s/he was having chest pains. The lawyer is responsible to sort out the facts from the second guesses made at the scene of the accident and later.

“Other causes for collisions usually involve a distracted driver, someone talking on a cell phone or using a GPS, bad road conditions, speeding, a tired driver or something mechanical that has gone wrong,” indicated Smith. Lately, the cell phone has been named as the culprit in far too many crashes.

In fact, some of the most recent statistics show that about 6 percent of the total number of accidents yearly, are the result of cell phones in use while driving. Even more ugly is the guesstimate that says at least 2,600 people (or more) will die in cell phone accidents this year.

“Sadly, almost 98 percent of vehicle crashes are the direct result of one driver’s inattention to what they are supposed to be doing – driving,” commented Arkansas super lawyer Michael G. Smith of Little Rock. They may be gawking, fiddling with a radio or just plain bored, but they are not paying attention to the rules of the road, or where they are in relation to other drivers. This inevitably spells disaster and is a recipe for personal injury accidents.

If faced with the results of a personal injury accident, hire a skilled lawyer to represent the family in court. The attorney is skilled at working to get a just settlement.

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