Startling Surgical Errors

Stories about surgical errors abound by way of friends and perhaps reading about some them in the media. These errors seem to be on the rise.

From studies done after surgical events, it appears that most of the errors could have been avoided. Records indicate there are stories of surgery performed on the wrong site, the wrong person and other mistakes. “These errors are a concern to people facing surgery, and for those who may have experienced this,” said Christopher Mellino, a Cleveland malpractice lawyer specializing in Cleveland medical malpractice cases in Ohio. Speaking to a highly skilled medical malpractice lawyer is a must in instances like this.

The surgeon has a high duty of care to the patient they are operating on, and on the other side of the coin, the patient has every right to place their complete faith and trust in the doctor to not do something wrong. However, if something does go wrong, it is the patient’s right to consult with an attorney.

“Generally speaking medical malpractice is the failure of a medical professional to use reasonable care to prevent patient injury or illness. And this is a normal thing to expect,” explained Mellino. Non-fatal errors of a surgical nature happen relatively often and may cause patients problems they didn’t have before surgery, including such things as permanent disabilities or paralysis. It’s definitely a cause for concern when one realizes that over 98,000 people die each year because of surgical medical negligence. Medical negligence is a good reason to hire a leading med mal attorney.

Patient consent forms allow surgeons permission to operate, but don’t cover what happens if there is an error in surgery. “We don’t anticipate there will be surgical errors. We “do” however anticipate that the surgeon is skilled enough to not make mistakes,” commented Christopher Mellino, a Cleveland malpractice lawyer specializing in Cleveland medical malpractice cases in Ohio.

If faced with what appears to be a med mal situation that may have been caused by a failure to take a proper medical history, to note all drug allergies, inattentiveness, bad handwriting on patient charts, and poor pre-operative planning, contact an experience med mal attorney to discuss the possibility of filing a medical negligence lawsuit.

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