Sports Injuries

There is a saying in the law that goes roughly along the lines that if a sport is played, one knowingly assumes the responsibility for any injuries that may occur.

It’s a fact that many sports, even ones that are played for enormous salaries, do have inherent risks for the players involved. For instance, hockey has a high risk of brain injury from a fall on the ice or being high-sticked and losing an eye. Playing a sport is taking the risk that there is an accident waiting to happen; however, this is not a reason or excuse for a coach or trainer to use as a way to deflect culpability.

“Very simply, the equipment manufacturer, a training center operator or even a sports trainer has a responsibility to those who will be using their equipment or training under them,” advised Jeremiah Denslow of Denslow Law in Dayton, Ohio.

Consider the situation where a faulty piece of equipment used in a sport caused an athlete to be seriously injured. The injuries are not the fault of the player, but instead directly due to faulty or improperly maintained equipment. “These types of accidents, as a result of defective equipment, are not something that players may reasonably expect while playing their sport of choice. These injuries are not excusable just because they happened in a sporting venue,” explained Denslow.

If faced with a severe injury as the result of playing a sport, it is best to consult with a highly skilled personal injury attorney to obtain justice. In many sports injury cases, rehabilitation will take just as long and be just as expensive as if the injuries had taken place as the result of a car crash or other accident.

“The bottom line is that a defective product is a defective product, and if someone is negligent in providing the right kind of equipment (that is safe and well-maintained), then they are likely to be faced with a lawsuit,” commented Jeremiah Denslow of Denslow Law in Dayton, Ohio.

Never try to settle cases such as this without the assistance of a skilled personal injury lawyer, as there are too many things that could go wrong when trying to claim proper compensation. The attorney knows what the courts favor in terms of damage awards for cases such as this.

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