Performance Is Crucial – Manufacturing Defects

These days when we buy a product, we have expectations that it will work and that it is safe. This doesn’t always happen.

When you buy something from the store you believe that it will work or perform in the manner it is advertised. If it turns out that the product you purchased is defective and fails to perform and/or causes injuries or death, this is the time to consult with a Dayton personal injury lawyer.

Victims of defective products may very well be entitled to collect monetary damages for the injuries they suffered by talking to a Dayton personal injury attorney who will advise them on how to make a claim for product liability against the manufacturer (and possibly other parties).

This brings up the question of what constitutes a defective product. Basically, it refers to a thing (product) that is faulty and winds up causing damages. That is the simplified version and product liability actually has a wider definition that includes not only a defect in the product, but the way it is labeled or how the product was used.

The interesting thing about defective product litigation is that it usually isn’t just one person that is sued for damages. It is often a whole chain of people starting at the manufacturer and working down the chain to the distributor, supplier, retailer, and anyone else involved in selling the defective product. Why the whole kitchen-sink approach? Someone has to be held accountable/liable for any injuries or a death caused by their product.

What kinds of products are often involved in product liability suits? Many of these you may recognize, and some you may not have thought about; for instance, drugs, power tools, cribs, airbags, seat belts and brakes. While some of the cases filed in the courts for product liability may be solo cases, there is the possibility of a class action lawsuit if there are enough people who have experienced harm from the same product.

Not to confuse the issue, but there are three kinds or types of product defects: manufacturing defects, marketing defects and design defects. Design defects are the result of a product not being safe for its intended use and the maker of that product should have known there was a risk to people using the product.

Manufacturing defects normally happen during the process of making the product. While it may have been designed to be safe, something went wrong when making it, e.g. the maker uses the wrong material to produce the product or uses poor quality materials. In instances where the manufacturer chooses to not use proper materials, this may result in a manufacturing defect.

A marketing defect is when the manufacturer does not warn the public about the dangers of using its product or fails to hand out the proper instructions to use it safely. Given the number of things that could go wrong with products on the market today, it’s best to speak to a highly qualified Dayton personal injury attorney if you suspect you may have a legitimate dangerous product case.

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