Green Card Errors

There are two different kinds of visas that often get confused – the immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Green card errors are rather frequent in this area.

An immigrant visa lets an individual live and work in the U.S. on a permanent basis. The non-immigrant visa is for those who only visit the country on a temporary basis; e.g. tourists, professionals, medical patients and students.

The green card is a pretty important piece of documentation for people whose greatest wish is to live and work in the United States. It’s so important, that it’s no small wonder that when people apply for a green card, they tend to make some glaring errors.

“While making mistakes is understandable, it will also tend to delay the processing of the green card application,” indicated Sally Odell of Rifkin Fox-Isicoff, P.A., in Miami and Orlando, Florida. In fact, the U.S. Immigration Services are very stringent about how the applications are filled out, to the point that they have been known to delay or deny applicants.

The most common mistakes are in submitting applications that are not completed properly, meaning they may not have the required documentation, (birth certificate, marriage license, employer verifications) etc. “In order to process the application, all the documents asked for must be attached to the application. No documents, no approval,” said Odell.

A second common mistake is unsigned immigration forms. In the excitement and rush to submit the application, many people forget to sign their paperwork. This tends to happen more commonly when an applicant is filling out information on behalf of a dependent.

This brings up one other very common error, handing in documents in another language and not providing an English translation. “Those documents don’t have to be official, just accurately represent what the original document outlines, but in a foreign language,” explained Sally Odell of Rifkin Fox-Isicoff, P.A., in Miami and Orlando, Florida.

Most immigration lawyers are very familiar with the error of applying in the wrong immigration category. This is just one reason why consulting a competent immigration attorney will assure people are applying in the right categories and meet the required criteria in those areas. “A good immigration attorney will also advise their client that immigration forms change frequently and it is best to pay close attention to what is being asked when applying for a green card,” added Odell.

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