Car Accident Injuries

At some point in time in our lives, it is just about guaranteed that a car accident will put a crimp in our lifestyle.

Anyone may be involved in a car accident at any time, as life tends to turn on a dime most days. “The thing is, what if the car accident was someone else’s fault? What if there are serious injuries involved or even a death? The question then becomes what is the possibility of compensation for those injuries, not to mention filing all the appropriate forms for compensation,” explained Jeremiah Denslow of Denslow Law in Dayton, Ohio.

Understanding how the process works in the aftermath of a car crash is something that is best left to an experienced car accident attorney who knows how to expedite matters and get justice quickly. “Recovery from the accident is difficult enough for the injured driver without having to battle the legal system as well,” said Denslow.

“While there may be a general understanding of what needs to be done after the dust settles from a car accident, don’t make the mistake of signing off on a potential claim too soon just because the insurance company is trying to get a rushed settlement. They are not doing anyone any favors, and in fact are more concerned with saving money, not settling for what an injury may truly be worth,” stated Jeremiah Denslow of Denslow Law in Dayton, Ohio. This is yet another reason to hire a skilled car accident attorney.

Injuries such as whiplash or bruises and contusions may look fairly benign on the surface, but experience has taught a resourceful attorney that things are rarely what they seem to be. In fact, significant problems may arise from a mild whiplash case even a year later.

Most injured drivers cannot afford to lose money in terms of compensation for their problems, as many may find themselves facing therapy, medical bills, loss of wages and other tangible and intangible things. “Again this is the primary reason for consulting with a personal injury attorney who has experience in handling compensation claims as a result of car crashes,” commented Denslow.

A good lawyer will be able to advise their personal injury clients of how damage awards are decided. For instance, the award amount is normally dependant on factors such as pain and suffering, loss of companionship and in some states, apportioned liability – meaning if both parties are deemed at fault for an accident, the award may be handed out according to what percentage the fault is deemed to be.

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