Act Quickly in a Product Liability Case

If a product that was recently purchased turns out to be defective and also causes some serious injuries, consult a product liability lawyer immediately. Time is of the essence in cases like this.

Every day the cash registers ring across America, signaling the purchase of a wide variety of items from clothing to chain saws, etc. While many people don’t really think about it at the time, they may have just bought a defective or dangerous product. Think that would never happen? “Don’t be so sure, as product accidents are very common,” commented Georgia super lawyer Stephen M. Ozcomert of Atlanta.

Over 10,000 complaints are filed every year due to defective products and thousands of people who used them died or sustained serious injuries. We’re not talking small numbers. The deaths each year resulting from the use of defective or dangerous products is over 22,000 and the numbers of injuries are close to 29 million. Those are staggering numbers, and ones that tend to creep up every year.

“While there are numerous agencies that act to regulate product liability, it often becomes a real circus trying to figure out who is responsible for what and where to report a claim. This may well become an issue in court during a defective product lawsuit,” outlined Ozcomert.

The whole intention behind product liability laws is to protect all consumers from badly made products. But more than that, the laws are designed to ensure retailers, corporations and manufacturers be held responsible for negligent behavior. In instances such as this, negligent behavior is letting a defective or dangerous product into the marketplace. “Often the question of whether or not the company who made the product knowingly released it, and it harmed or killed someone, becomes the focal point of a product liability case,” added Georgia super lawyer Stephen M. Ozcomert of Atlanta.

The nice thing about product liability law is that the standard of proof in this area happens to be a bit more lenient than in other areas of law. However, these are still difficult and expensive cases to pursue as often manufacturers vigorously defend claims brought by injured persons, and often one must retain expert witnesses to prove the case against the manufacturer.

The bottom line is that there are so many different areas of product liability law that it only makes sense to speak to an attorney with experience in this area. “Act quickly, because time is of the essence in cases such as this,” said Ozcomert.

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