When the Bike Hits the Pavement

Everyone knows that when a motorcycle hits the pavement there will be serious injuries or a death. The problem lies in determining who is at fault for the injuries of the survivor or the wrongful death of the biker.

Every day there are motorcycle accidents, and every day bikers either come out of a crash alive, but seriously injured, or lose their lives on the road. It’s a well-known myth that motorcyclists are reckless drivers with no regard for the rules of the road or other vehicles. “The fact of the matter is that it is negligent car drivers who are the cause for most bike crashes,” indicated Tony Francis of the Francis Law Firm in Orlando, Florida.

An injured biker may file a claim for injuries, pain, damages, loss of income, etc. so long as they are able to show that the defendant was negligent and responsible for the accident. If this accident took place in a state that apportions liability, there may be a different outcome relating to damages if the judge assesses negligence on the part of both parties in the accident.

At all times, anyone involved in a motorbike crash must be acutely aware of the statute of limitations in their respective state. A competent motorcycle crash attorney, such as Tony Francis of the Francis Law Firm in Orlando, Florida, will be able to offer solid advice on how to proceed with a claim. “If the lawsuit is a claim for injuries due to negligence, compensation may be sought for medical bills, loss of earning potential, partial or permanent disability, property damage and psychological suffering,” outlined Francis.

Wrongful death lawsuits are similar in some respects to lawsuits for damages, in that wrongful death suits may seek reimbursement for medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, the pain of the deceased, financial compensation for the heirs, as well as loss of companionship, society and love. “The crucial element in a wrongful death lawsuit is that the accident must have been caused by someone else who acted negligently,” said Francis.

The negligence may not necessarily be due to an impact with another vehicle; it may also have something to do with the bike manufacturer making a defective product or a parts manufacturer selling a defective part. “Aftermarket parts with performance problems have also been the cause of some motorbike crashes,” added Francis.

Keep in mind that there are various laws in each jurisdiction depending on the circumstances of the accident. Also, the cause of the accident will dictate the type of wrongful death case e.g. product liability. It is imperative if a loved one has been involved in a motorbike crash, that the family immediately consult a motorcycle attorney without delay.

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