Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery Varies

People who suffered a traumatic brain injury, also referred to as a coup/contrecoup injury, have a long road to recovery ahead of them.

Many traumatic brain injury patients find they have a very long road to recovery from the damages their brain has sustained due to impact trauma. The trauma may be as the result of a fall (e.g. Natasha Richardson) or sustained in a car crash, etc. “There is one commonality among all traumatic brain injury patients; medical assessment is crucial when they present to a doctor, and time is of the essence to minimize the damages,” said Tony Francis of The Francis Law Firm in Orlando, Florida.

While there is not a lot physicians are able to do after the injury has occurred, they are able to focus on minimizing brain damage by making sure the victim’s brain receives sufficient oxygen. Lack of oxygen increases the chances of further damage. “Monitoring the blood pressure is another critical factor, along with ensuring intracranial pressure is under control, ” outlined Francis.

There are a variety of ways to treat intracranial pressure, and each one of these areas may be ripe for a medical negligence lawsuit. They include raising the head (or straightening it), for better blood flow, drain cerebrospinal fluid from the ventricles and the use of paralytic drugs. Each course of treatment outlined is often fraught with uncertainties as to the outcome, which makes a doctor’s duty of care to the patient a very high one.

“TBI patients are also usually subject to the onset of seizures, often treated with benzodiazepines. Unfortunately these potentially life saving drugs, if used incorrectly, depress breathing and lower blood pressure,” explained Francis. The other area where medical errors tend to happen is during surgery to remove hematomas. A craniotomy, which removes a portion of the skull, is used in roughly one third of all patients diagnosed with severe TBI.

In all cases dealing with TBI’s it is best to speak with a highly qualified TBI attorney, such as Tony Francis of The Francis Law Firm in Orlando, Florida, who will outline what needs to be done to present the case to the courts. Damages that may be awarded may include money for physical/occupational therapy, speech rehabilitation and psychiatric and psychological counseling. There are other damages that may be claimed as well, however for further information speak to an attorney.

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