The Signs of Child Care Abuse

There are signals and subtle signs that a parent should be aware of if they suspect their child is being abused at a day care facility.

While it isn’t always obvious that your child is being abused at a day care facility, there are some things that will tell you something is definitely wrong. “The abuse may be one or more of several types – verbal, physical or sexual abuse, and neglect,” outlined Lance Sharp of The Sharp Firm in Austin, Texas.

Emotional or verbal abuse usually comes in the form of words, meaning the abuser says things to the child that causes emotional or mental harm. Physical abuse is fairly clear, in that it means the abuser is intentionally hurting a child. There are also two forms of sexual abuse, non-contact and contact.

“In situations dealing with non-contact sexual abuse, the perpetrator is showing a child pornographic behavior using videos, pictures, or putting on a live demonstration,” said Sharp. Contact sexual abuse involves the offender forcing the child to perform sex acts alone or with others, or the perpetrator sexually touching the victim.

Neglect is fairly easy to identify and comes in the form of the day care not providing a safe environment for children and not providing proper shelter, food or attention. Of course, any of these situations may cause mental, emotional and physical damage to the victims.

Be aware of these warning signs that show something may be wrong with a child. There will be a change in the child’s behavior and they are suddenly too quiet or are acting out more than they ever did before. They may fight and cry more often, come home with different injuries daily or weekly, insist they don’t want to go to day care and if pushed, pitch a tantrum.

If there is a suspicion of abuse, do not wait to consult with a highly skilled attorney who will assess the case when the full details are provided. Waiting will only prolong a child’s discomfort, pain and fear. An experienced child day care abuse lawyer has the ability to get to the heart of the matter in a way that will comfort both parents and the child involved.

Speaking to Lance and Laura Sharp of The Sharp Firm in Austin, Texas, is one of the smartest moves a person could make. The Sharps have over 40 years combined legal experience and know precisely how to handle these kinds of exceedingly delicate cases.

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