The Car Accident Was Minor but the Injuries Weren’t

Just because you have what you think are minor injuries as the result of a car accident, don’t assume. It may be the biggest mistake you will ever make.

Assuming that the injuries received as the result of a car accident are minor is a mistake many people have made in the past, and they have wound up paying for that error. “Just because an injury seems to be relatively minor, does not mean that it is,” said Bradley J. Hofland, a Las Vegas personal injury attorney with Hofland, Beasley & Galliher. No one but qualified medical personnel are able to assess the extent of personal injuries, and sometimes they can’t tell accurately either.

The classic case that comes to mind when assessing personal injuries and their severity, is the skiing accident of Natasha Richardson. Her fall didn’t seem to have harmed her, until it was later determined she died of traumatic brain injury. In cases like this, and in other instances, what you see may not be what you get. Always err on the side of caution and speak with a doctor and make detailed notes about the accident, your injuries and how you feel.

Make it a point to contact an attorney who has extensive experience in dealing with car crash victims. Being an accident victim is traumatic in more ways than one. While many people are just thankful to be alive, this is not all that people should be settling for. Mental, physical and financial trauma may be the foundation for a personal injury lawsuit, which is why a crash survivor needs to contact competent counsel such as Bradley J. Hofland, a Las Vegas personal injury attorney with Hofland, Beasley & Galliher.

Hofland is an expert in assisting his clients to understand their legal rights and outlining the damages that may be awarded in various cases. Hofland knows that in Las Vegas, traffic is a major hassle and that accident rates are fairly high, given the roadway congestion. Drivers are not always as careful or considerate as they should be and this tends to result in accidents.

Being involved in a car crash means contacting a personal injury attorney such as Hofland, who will ascertain the cause of the crash – negligence, aggressive driving, distractions, drunk driving, etc. – and will go to work for clients to make sure they get justice. “We value all of our clients and make it a point to sit down with them when they contact us and go through their case in great detail, making sure we are able to help them,” added Las Vegas personal injury lawyer Bradley J. Hofland.

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